LANI HOTCH, Tlingit Master Weaver

Lani was born in Klukwan, Alaska. Her Tlingit names are Saantaas’, Sekwooneitl and Xhaatooch, and she is from the Wolf House of the Kaagwaantaan Clan in Klukwan. Her mother was of Tlingit ancestry and her father was from northern California with ancestral ties to Wales. She has lived most of her adult life in Klukwan with her children and husband, Jones Hotch Jr. (Naatl’ of the Gaanaxteidi (Raven) Clan and recently appointed caretaker of the Whale House in Klukwan).http://jilkaatkwaanheritagecenter.org

Lani comes from a long line of Chilkat weavers. Her great -great grandmother was the teacher of the master Chilkat weaver’s: Mary Willard, Jennie Warren and Jenny Thlunaut .  These three women are known as the Master Weavers of the Chilkat Robes. She began weaving under the guidance of her grandmother Jennie Warren, her tribal aunt Jenny Thlunaut and finally Cheryl Samuel, who has taught numerous weaving programs and oversaw the creation of The Healing Robe, a group project completed over eight years.

Lani uniquely combines the teachings art of Chilkat Weaving and Raven’s Tail weaving, to create a style of her own. Lani incorporates the two styles. Chilkat Weaving was the only aboriginal native weaving that made a curve and that curve is depicted with the ½ sun at the top of Lani’s Berries on Sunshine Mountain robe. http://chilkatindianvillage.org